Category: Illustration

New Cartoon Character

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Check out this cartoon character that we created for one of our wonderful clients. He was a lot of fun to illustrate!

In order to be able to share this with you, we promised that we wouldn’t give you too much information about this little guy or what he’ll be used for. (more…)

An Unruly Logo Design

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

We are thrilled to present our latest logo design for Unruly Blue, a new brand of boys clothing in the U.K. The clothing is vintage inspired boyswear with an unruly twist. They design casual and formal wear that is unique and interesting. (more…)

Design for the Brain

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Over the last few months we’ve been working with Bold Learning Solutions on their Brainscape product! Brainscape is learning software built for online and iphone use. Paul Kiesche Design helped re-design and illustrate their web site and iphone application!


Color My Illustration for the Holidays!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

We had a great time participating in Long Valley’s Holiday Happenings this year! Paul Kiesche Design was one stop in a tour around Long Valley where kids participated in exciting activities for the holiday. We set up an area to color and provided some holiday inspired coloring pages! Here is one of the pages we illustrated that kids were able to choose from. (more…)

2010 NJ MarCom Event Graphics

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Guess who designed this year’s MarCom event graphics! We had the honor of representing this great event with our design, illustration and concept. NJ MarCom Joint Holiday Networking Event is the combination of 11 marketing, creative and public relations organizations getting together for one big night. (more…)

Storybook Love

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

My client, Mark asked me if I could create a storybook, which included writing it, illustrating it and designing it. I was thrilled to take on the project as this was no ordinary storybook! What made it even more interesting is, he was creating it to help aid in his proposal to his girlfriend Patricia. (more…)