Category: Illustration

Chester NJ Harvest Festival Promotions

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Check out our new designs for the Chester, New Jersey’s 26th Annual Harvest Celebration and Pet Costume Contest! So far we’ve produced postcards, posters and advertisements for the event. One of the advertisements is running in the Star Ledger.

The illustration was sketched by hand and illustrated digitally to look like a wood cut.

Burn Some Rubber!

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The Historic Chester Business Association (HCBA) recently hired us to create promotions for Chester’s events! Chester, New Jersey is a beautiful quaint town filled with nice shops, art and dining. We’re very proud of our first promotion for their annual car show. We created postcards, flyers, an ad and posters so far.

Triathlon Season!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

It’s triathlon season and that means more illustrations for us! We are working with Rising Sun Sport, a sports apparel company, to develop new triathlon and sports jerseys for purchase at the events. Paul Kiesche Design is responsible for the illustrations and some of the graphics for the jerseys. The interesting difference illustrating for the jerseys is that the illustrations span across the front, back, sides and sleeves of the jerseys. We recently finished the New Jersey State Triathlon, the Lakefront Boulevard Bike Tour, and the Whirlpool Steelhead Triathlon. We are currently working on a new jersey for the Nations Triathlon in Washington, D.C. In the past we also completed illustrations for the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon, Bike Chicago, the Annapolis Triathlon, and others. Many of the jerseys are available for purchase on Rising Sun’s site here.

The Illustrators Advantage

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

In order for you to be a great designer, do you need to be able to illustrate? Many graphic designers throughout history have been very good illustrators, but many have had very little illustration skills. Is it possible to create high quality design without knowing how to draw?

Because of the ever growing field of design, many universities are questioning their formats and some are eliminating illustration classes for graphic designers. Since my background started in illustration, I have a very hard time accepting that. I also teach illustration for graphic designers, so this happens to be a passionate issue for me.

I admit that there are some very good designers that do not have illustration skills. They rely on their design skills to put together all of their designs. In the rare cases they use illustration or photography; they hire out the freelance artist and try to translate their vision of what they want. Is that translation accurate or is the power of the marketing and/or image lost in translation.

A designer who can illustrate has several advantages over a designer who can’t draw. Sketching and concepting becomes much easier. Time is less of a problem. If that designer needs an illustration, they jump on the drafting table instead of calling up five freelancers hoping that someone fits the job and is available. Having illustration skills available allows for illustration elements in the design such as a quick hand drawn decoration or character. Illustration also allows for natural effects instead of a computer generated filters creating more original looking design.

The most important thing I’ve noticed over the years is… Designers with no illustration background don’t seem to understand general drawing or color rules. Shadows are not just black and don’t just fall straight down from objects. Snow is not white and oceans are not pure blue. Perspective is not always straight on, but can be from multiple points. These and many more basic drawing techniques are very important in creating high quality art. These techniques are the first thing you learn as an illustrator and are some how ignored by much of the design community.

Let’s bring the quality back to design and lets make some gallery quality design.