Engaging Trade Show Booths

October 9th, 2012

Cimquest, Inc, the leader in CAD/CAM solutions, already stands out in their industry—but the most recent trade show booth designs that we created for them allowed them to go above and beyond. The look incorporates their fresh appeal and their most recent branding updates. These booths attracted a lot of attention at the events.

We designed five booths and several podiums for the events. All of the booths were designed to work independently, but three of the booths were designed to work like pieces of a puzzle that create a larger three-sided booth when combined. For this effect, these three booths are pushed together back-to-back, so the display has a multidimensional appearance for 360 degree viewing.

Below are some photos our client provided to us that were taken at the shows of the booth designs. You can see from the photos that they had plenty of help with their sales staff, a model for the Cimquest bike, several sample 3D printers, a big screen tv demonstration, and lots of samples of their work.

trade show booth design

tradeshow tv stand

trade show display design

exhibit display graphic design

nj event graphic design signage

cimquest trade show display design Mastercam

Hot model riding bike at trade show


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