Tips for Marketing—Gratis Style…

December 4th, 2012

Current atmospheres in the business world require tenacity when it comes to effective marketing. Keeping up with the advertising trends and marketing approaches can be very costly, so taking advantage of those that are at no cost is crucial. Check out some of the things you may be overlooking when it comes to financially strategic marketing.

  1. Put customer/client service at the top of your priority hierarchy; a happy customer is a repeat customer who spreads positive references.
  2. Follow up with past clients. They have already proven to be good customers; some slight encouragement on your part may result in new sales.
  3. Utilizing Facebook, blog sites like Word Press, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As long as you stay positive in your posts and contribute to these sites on a regular basis; they can be a great free addition to your marketing plan.
  4. Joining a networking or industry association or attending various events may cost a little money but is usually worth it. If you already belong to a group, a free way to increase the benefits of your networking is by volunteering your time with the group. It puts your name in front of the group and establishes you as a trusted figure in your industry.
  5. Tell your story in order to make an emotional connection with customers through existing media—website, blog, Facebook, etc.
  6. Give customers an experience. Memories can be attached to sights, smells, touch and sounds. Building a brand is so much more than a logo or website. Customers purchase based on a feeling of excitement, reliability, trust, safety, happiness, thoughts of their past or thoughts of their future.


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