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June 18th, 2013

We recently launched a website redesign for ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc., a world leader in rack & pinion drive technologies. The design upgrade showcases ATLANTA Drive Systems’ comprehensive solutions to any drive system needs—right down to the technical specifications and images. Retaining the company’s color theme, we fashioned the site with a more user-friendly navigation.

The site was planned out and organized through a process of information architecture. We composed the navigation to allow for effective user flow, established a hierarchy of information and prepared for future expansion of the site. This systematic planning even allowed us to complete the site ahead of schedule.

The site was built with HTML, CSS, PHP and some Javascript to offer an image slider for movement, tabs, drop-downs, video viewing and much more.

Visit the site at and let us know what you think!

Best Industrial website Home Page

This is a typical product page using tabs for easier navigation…

Best Industrial website Products

We created custom icons for the support and resource page…

Best Industrial website Support

Here’s a PHP request form featuring drop down menus to condense information…

Best Industrial website Request Form


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