PKD Anniversary Celebration… Paintball Style!

May 12th, 2014

If there’s one word that describes our team (besides ‘creative’ of course), it’s ‘adventurous’. In celebration of PKD’s anniversary, we decided to get down & dirty with a day of paintball in the deep woods of West Milford at Paintball Depot. Unfortunately, we were the only team there in the morning – which meant we were forced to play against each other instead of another independent team. Our thoughts? – Bring it on! After some playful back and forth ‘trash talking’, new internal rivalries were born. ;-)

We had an absolute blast trekking, running, hiding, crawling, ambushing, strategizing, and perhaps more than anything else – laughing! It was a great time, and we have the welts, bruises & body aches to prove it.

We even had a few black bears attempt to ‘overthrow’ our game, but they decided to kindly exit the parameters on their own. As you can imagine, we were very, very grateful. ;-)






How should we celebrate PKD’s anniversary next year? Any suggestions?


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