Mix & Mingle with a Mixologist!

September 3rd, 2010

Recently I’ve been volunteering with the American Marketing Association. With the help of the Programming Committee I created and designed a new series of lighter events for the organization called Mix & Mingle Events. The events were created to be fun and social, while still at a great price. The first event is called “Social Mixology at SM23”. It’s a social event at SM23 Lounge in Morristown. We’ll have appetizers, drinks, and live demonstrations from the mixologist! If you are in marketing, you should check it out. It’s not to be missed! It’s open to members and nomembers as well. Here’s the event page. http://njama092910mixandmingle.eventbrite.com/

Paul Kiesche Design named and designed the event series logo and an email template. Check it out!

AMA Mix and Mingle Logo

Mix and Mingle Invite


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