The Write Font for the Job

December 30th, 2010

We’ve been designing a load of logos lately and I realized that we never discuss the original typography that goes into most of them.

Throughout the years we’ve designed and modified some interesting typography specific to a client’s or project’s needs. So many times we find that using an existing font is too restrictive and doesn’t reflect what we are trying to portray.

Below are some samples of custom typography. First is a script we designed for Neil van Neikerk, a wedding photographer. We wanted a clean, sleek, sexy and modern script that still had a signature look. Second is a script created for Konfiscent, a new eco friendly and natural deoderant. Third is a font designed for a Fall Craft Show in Chester, New Jersey. We went with a nice, custom wood cut look.

Also below you can see the type face we designed for our Paul Kiesche Design, LLC. logo. We created an entire alphabet so we can pull from it to create headline text. Certain characters are exaggerated for the logo like the k. The last two logos were created for older logos we designed. One was a logo created with a custom sans serif font. The second is an old logo we did with a simple thread like custom font for Silk New York.

Comment below and let us know what you think.

Neil van Niekerk Logo Design

Deoderant logo design

craft show poster

Paul Kiesche Font


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