Direct Mail with a Cherry on Top

March 21st, 2011

Throughout the last four years, we have had the opportunity to do some work for Cliffs Homemade Ice Cream in Ledgewood, NJ. Cliffs is the best ice cream in town and was always the place to go growing up. USA Today ranked Cliffs as the top ice cream parlor in New Jersey! Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to do several promotions for them.

Amongst several other promotions, we created a direct mail brochure for their catering services. They have had great success with the mailings, but now it’s time for an update!

Cliffs has been mailing the brochure we designed for the last four years. The brochure is sent to HR departments of local companies promoting Cliffs “Create Your Own Sundae Party!” catering services. With mailings starting to reach out to the same audience it was first mailed to, we have been asked to update the brochure with a new fresh look!

Beyond designing the brochure, all of the photography was shot on location. BTW, this was still one of my favorite photo shoots we have done. All of the copy for the brochure was written with a fun playful tone. The brochure was printed as a tri-fold and is wafer sealed and addressed on the back for self-mailing.

Take a look at the design and please share your comments below! We absolutely love working with the people at Cliffs (and it’s not just because of the ice cream). We can’t wait for the chance to do more!

ice cream beautiful brochure design


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